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A Brief Timeline of the CBF Grant Application Process

Every year, Columbia Basin Foundation is fortunate enough to award hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to worthy organizations throughout the community. While the majority of these grants are directed to particular organizations by the donors, there are several that hopeful organizations can apply for directly. With the grant application deadline last week, we know that many of you who have applied to these grants will be wondering what the timeline looks like for selecting the recipients. Here is a quick snapshot of the grant application timeline to help ease your mind as you wait for news on the winners.

Here is a list of available grants each year.

Alvar & Louise Swanson Greater Community Fund
Erle & Helen Sola Community Fund
Ferne Daniel (Animal Program) Fund 
Ferne Daniel (Youth Program) Fund
Women & Children's Fund of Grant & Adams Counties

If you would like to start a grant fund of your own, head right this way to learn more. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the process and the types of funds you can create to support the causes that are closest to your heart.