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2017 Columbia Basin Foundation Grant Recipients

In 2017, we had five different funds that provided much-needed funding for this round of the grant application process, and Columbia Basin Foundation was pleased to announce that we were able to add an additional $12,000 in grants. This additional money came as a result of administrative operating savings which went into the CBF Community Fund. Anytime we have excess money from our operating costs, we happily grant it back to worthwhile projects in the communities we serve. We received 26 applications for grants this year, which made it difficult to select the final list of recipients. We encourage everyone to apply again next year.

Because you follow our blog you are being provided the list of grant recipients before anyone else, even the recipients themselves.  Letters to the recipients will be mailed.  If you see your organization listed here as a recipient CONGRATULATIONS!

2017 Recipients Include:

Community Park, Coulee City - Ferne Daniel Fund (youth): $2,450
Coulee City Chamber of Commerce, Coulee City - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $1,000
Wheatland Theatre Company, Davenport - Erle & Helen Sola Fund: $1,600
Project Linus, Ephrata - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $1,000
Columbia Basin Allied Arts, Moses Lake - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $2,500
Family Services of Grant County, Moses Lake - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $2,000
Moses Lake Trails Planning Team, Moses Lake - CBF community Fund: $4,350
New Hope DV & SA Center, Moses Lake - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $1,100 + Women & Children's Fund: $1,900 for a total of $3,000
Adams County Pet Rescue, Othello - Ferne Daniel Fund (animal): $1,225
Old Hotel Art Gallery, Othello - CBF Community Fund: $2,000
Quincy Valley Allied Arts, Quincy - Alvar & Louise Swanson Fund: $1,500
Ritzville Public Library, Ritzville - Erle & Helen Sola Fund: $1,000
Spay Neuter Your Pet, Ritzville - Ferne Daniel Fund (animal): $1,225
Community Park, Soap Lake - CBF Community Fund: $5,650

As you can see, we selected 14 recipients out of those we received this year. We encourage anyone who is interested in establishing their own fund with Columbia Basin Foundation to create a field of interest fund so that we can grow the money available to nonprofits in our grant application process.  Most of our funds have designated nonprofits that receive the annual distribution every year.  While those types of funds are very important and serve a very worthy cause, they limit the role of the foundation in the selection process.  As a community foundation we have our finger on the pulse of the issues in our area.  And while creating a designated fund for a specific organization or type of organization is important, we can't know the issues that our region will face 20, 30 or 50 years from now.  By creating an endowed field of interest or unrestricted fund, the donor is providing a greater opportunity for flexibility in helping organizations who are doing the important work at that time and place fifty years from now. A field of interest fund can be set for a specific type of nonprofit or they can be set to have priority for any nonprofit applying from Quincy or Moses Lake, etc.  An unrestricted fund is just that: it is available for application by any nonprofit in our service area.

If your organization would like to be considered for a grant through CBF next year, head right this way to learn more about the criteria. You just might be eligible for one or more of our available grants!

To create a fund of your own to support any of the worthy causes in our communities, contact us HERE today. We look forward to helping you to establish your own legacy in the community.

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