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CBF Scholarships Awarded This Year

Every fall we see students heading off to college to start a brand new school year knowing that their entire communities are behind them. We know this because of the overwhelming number of scholarships our donors have set up to support this important cause. Research shows that the benefits of earning a college education can have an incredible impact on the rest of your life. Those benefits include things like higher job satisfaction and security, higher wages, and better career opportunities, making it an invaluable decision in your future. And while many students hope to go to college after high school, the idea of starting a career off overwhelmed with student debt makes it a difficult decision. Our scholarships help alleviate the financial burden that students so often face when deciding to pursue a college degree. 

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What Is A Community Foundation?

The Columbia Basin Foundation is a community foundation, which means that we are a tax-exempt public charity that enables people to establish charitable funds. We make grants to community groups from funds established by individuals, families, businesses and others who wish to support the work of non-profit groups, schools and other groups that address community needs.

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