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Nonprofit Spotlight: Paul Lauzier Foundation

 A big role of a community foundation is to bring awareness to their community partners, in an effort to help lift up organizations that are having a positive effect on the surrounding area. Columbia Basin Foundation has been honored to work with and get to know many of these organizations. We are delighted to bring you another round of the Nonprofit Spotlight to shine the light on all of the good that these groups are doing. This month we sat down with Mike Tabler, Trustee for the Paul Lauzier Foundation, to learn more about one great man's incredible legacy of charitable giving.

Considering the legacy you will leave behind is something we should all think about. What impact has our life had on the world? What impact could it have if we committed ourselves to the causes we care the most about? Setting up a fund is the perfect way to do just that and it is an important decision for you and your family to make now. 

What legacy will you leave behind?

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